Rafael Rosas is a Los Angeles-based architect who established his practice in 2012, specializing in custom single-family homes and alterations of existing dwellings. Our team’s purpose aims to understand the different design strategies that enhance the built and un-built environments; strategies involving site, space, light, materials and a concise acknowledgment of our client’s needs and lifestyles. Our approach to every new commission is carefully assessed with emphasis on two aspects: our client’s requirements and budget expectations as well as our contextual response to the site. Above all, we believe our design strategies will result in the creation of inspirational spaces to be experienced by their intended users.

With a BA in Architecture from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Queretaro, Rafael Rosas moved to Los Angeles to obtain a Masters in Architecture from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California. After settling his residence in the L.A. basin - and with his knowledge in construction and architectural styles - a passion for photographing buildings and urban landscapes sparked. Through social media - especially Instagram - he began a visual essay, archiving influential architectural features he stumbled upon while moving around the city. The unique stylized pictorial aesthetic in his images led him to be selected for a permanent joint-exhibition in the lobby of the Cal One Plaza Tower in downtown Los Angeles. Rosas continues to document and archive Southern California facades on an almost daily basis.  

Current work includes residential projects in Venice, West Los Angeles, Westwood, and Encino.